"Dragon Eyes" from the Art Room

Dragon Eye Sculptures


      The dragon eye sculptures were created by third, fourth and fifth graders this year.  We learned about dragons as our subject in art class and the importance of dragons in China.  Dragons are admired and celebrated in China.  We created our dragon eye sculptures with white model magic.  The color was created by adding markers to the white model magic and mixing the white model magic. There were so many new colors created in this three day art lesson!  Our students chose one of twenty one different eyes to create with.  We added texture, designs and patterns with toothpicks as our drawing tool.  Each dragon eye sculpture is unique and special just like each of you!   Way to go Forest Oak Panthers!  I am so proud of each of you who worked so hard to create your wonderful Dragon Eye Sculptures!  


Your art teacher, 

Ms. MaddoxDragon Eyes