7. Get Help!

New teachers should expect to have their new Red Clay accounts created by August 22, 2022. Call the Red Clay Help Desk (302-636-HELP) if your account is not activated by that time. In order to verify if your account has been created, try logging into the computer or laptop in your classroom, or log in to Outlook Web Mail (Outlook.k12.de.us) using the default credentials below.

Need help with Instructional Technology? Email us!

Do you want Instructional Technology Professional Development?

  • Click here to visit our website where we post videos and help articles regarding various technology tools and programs.
    • Inside Red Clay  >  Working Here  >  Instructional Technology
  • We offer face-to-face and online professional development opportunities. Click here to see what we are offering. We will add workshops as the school year goes on.

Technology in your classroom that needs fixed?

  • Call the Tech Help Desk: 302-636-HELP (4357)
  • Email the Tech Help Desk: helpdesk@redclay.k12.de.us
  • Put in a ticket from the Inside Red Clay homepage and in most cases your building tech will visit your classroom.

Please note:  Watch for phishing email scams sent to your Outlook email! [External] in the subject line indicates emails are from senders outside of Red Clay. No one will ever ask you to purchase gift cards on their behalf!