6. Schoology

Schoology is Delaware’s Learning Management System (LMS). It is used to deliver online instruction and blended learning instructional strategies (a combination of online and face-to-face learning) to students using Chromebooks. 

  • How to sign in:
    • Log in through ClassLink with your Red Clay Credentials > Click the Schoology tile. 
  • Where to locate Schoology:
    • On the Red Clay ClassLink website
      • Teachers and students locate Schoology through ClassLink.


More information:

  • Teachers have two Schoology accounts. One that is issued from Red Clay and one that is issued from the state of Delaware Department of Education (eLDE).
  • Teachers use Schoology to interface with students in courses through their Red Clay Schoology account.
    • Add discussions, assignments, assessments, links, and more for your students to access.
  • State employees use Schoology to take their state-required trainings at the beginning of the school year. These trainings are done under their eLDE Schoology account.
  • Schoology Groups:
    • School Faculty Group (See Admin for join code)
    • Content Based Group for curriculum support (Email your content area supervisor for the join code. Content area supervisor list is located here.)
  • Schoology AMP assessments are used in the following grade levels and content areas:
    • Component 5 pre and post tests for various grades and content areas
    • Grades 3-12 ELA
    • Grades 6-12 Social Studies
  • Visit Red Clay Instructional Technology Help Center for Schoology Support


Brief Schoology for New Users Video:



Schoology for New Users Webinar Video (55 minutes long):


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