March 31, 2021: 5th Annual Ed Tech Innovator Conference Video Recordings

conference 2021


The below webinar videos sessions are from our 5th Annual Ed Tech Innovator Conference which took place virtually on March 31, 2021. Teachers can watch these videos in any order, at any time. Time spent watching these videos can be used for buy back hours for June 17, 2021. There is nothing to complete after watching the videos. Simply make note of what you watched on your hours sheet and deliver to your building principal. No EPER or clock hours will be given for watching these videos.

If you have any questions regarding anything shown in the videos, please email Courtney Kalbach or Karen Ammann.


Professional Development Session Information:

  • Instructional Technology: Oh My! We Have Come Far!

  • ​Newsela - Reading Across Genres with Newsela
    • Session summary: Real-world reading requires students to sift through and analyze multiple sources while identifying common themes and considering contrasting information. Newsela ELA provides content across an array of genres, with instructional resources to help students make meaning. Presented by Newsela.
    • This asynchronous session consists of nine sections to guide teachers through using Newsela to engage students in sifting through and analyzing multiple sources while identifying common themes and considering contrasting information. Click here to access the training.
    • Resources:

  • Pear Deck - Getting Started with Pear Deck
    • Session summary: Pear Deck session for beginner users. Learn about Pear Deck and how it can enhance your instruction and engage learners in the classroom and/or remotely. This workshop was originally presented by John Chancey from Linden Hill. However, the recording was lost. Click below to access Pear Deck 101 and Pear Deck 201 sessions that were recorded by Pear Deck.
    • Click here to view Pear Deck 101 and 201 sessions
    • Resources: 
      • Shared Google Folder with examples from John Chancey
      • John Chancey also created a FlipGrid with an intro video for Teachers.  He simply states a few things that were mentioned in his session along with how to quickly make any slideshow an Interactive Pear Deck Presentation.  Teachers can check out the video and post responses or other questions they might have.  Log in with Red Clay Google Account:

  • Pear Deck - Student Paced Mode and the Teacher Dashboard
    • Session summary: Learn about Pear Deck and how to use Student Paced Mode and Instructor Paced Mode to engage students. Check out the teacher dashboard and how to use it to manage your Pear Deck lesson. Presented by Dawn Von Fricken from Heritage Elementary.
    • Click here to view the recording
    • Resources:

  • Pear Deck - Using Pear Deck in Red Clay
    • Session summary: Learn about how you can use Pear Deck specifically in Red Clay. Topics included: using Pear Deck in Schoology, using Pear Deck as a center, how to add worksheets into Pear Deck, adding a coteacher, using a whiteboard in Pear Deck, and more! Presented by Courtney Kalbach and Karen Ammann.
    • Click here to view the recording
    • Resources:

  • Using Instructional Technology to Support EL Students