April 22, 2020: Virtual 4th Annual Ed Tech Innovator Conference Video Recordings

virtual conference

The below video sessions were from our 4th Annual Ed Tech Innovator Conference which took place virutally on April 22, 2020. Teachers can watch the videos anytime this summer in order to prepare for technology usage next year. No EPER or attendance credit will be given for watching these videos.


Professional Development Session Information:

  • Discovery Education: Virtual Learning Through Digital Content
    • Summary: Dive deeper into these tips to better help educators find actionable ways to continue teaching and engaging students. Discovery Education provides new resources and tools for teachers to use. ***Students are already uploaded to your Discovery Education classes through ClassLink. Instead of using Google Classroom, Red Clay uses Schoology and ClassLink. Assign work to students through Discovery Education for them to access through ClassLink. Start the webinar at the 14 minute mark to skip the participant intro and people logging on.
    • Click here for the recording: Virtual Learning through Digital Content Webinar -- Start the webinar the 14 minute mark to bypass the part where people are still logging on.

  • Google for Education: Enabling Distance Learning with G Suite and Chrome
    • Summary: As illness and other factors prevent students from attending school in-person, how might educators leverage powerful tools to extend learning to home environments? Join Jennie Magiera, Global Head of Education Impact, as she outlines common challenges, and offers quick tips for implementing distance learning through technology. ***Instead of Google Classroom, use the same tools within Schoology. Currently, teachers do have access to Google Hangouts Meet. Teachers can also use Zoom as a substitute for Hangouts Meet.
    • Click here for the recording: Watch the previously recorded webinar from Google for Education - *sign into your Red Clay Google Account in order to view the video

  • Introduction to ClassLink

  • Remote Learning with Jake Miller + Pear Deck
    • Summary: Explore the basics of creating and presenting with Pear Deck, best practices for leading discussions and engaging students remotely, and how to use Pear Deck features to facilitate synchronous and asynchronous remote lessons.
    • Click here for the recording: Watch the previously recorded Pear Deck Webinar

  • Smart Learning Suite Online
    • Summary: Recycle, repurpose, and reinvent already-created lessons with the new and exciting features of SMART Learning Suite Online! Add interactive game-based activities to any Google Slideshow, PDF, or Notebook file and engage students with a re-imagined, attention-grabbing lesson, all through your Google Drive for virtual lesson sharing with your students. Smart Learning Suite Online is located in your Red Clay Google Drive. Hosted by Heather Schrader from SMART. Additional resources located here: smarttech.com/distancelearning
    • Click here for the recording: Smart Learning Suite Online hosted by Heather Schrader

  • Zoom: An Educator's Guide to Using Zoom
    • Summary: As educators across the globe transition to teaching over Zoom, come learn everything you need to know to get started. Zoom experts will walk you through the basics of the Zoom Meetings platform. In this webinar, you will learn: how to schedule a meeting/office hours, tips for managing your online classroom, helpful features and more! Instead of Canvas, use the same tools within Schoology.
    • Click here for the recording: Watch the previously recorded session from Zoom about Zoom for Educators.