Video Editor

How to create an easy video using pictures/videos with Video Editor:

  1. Create a folder in Google Drive to keep all of your photos.
  2. Save the photos from your phone or device to the folder in Google Drive. 
  3. Open the Video Editor application on your Red Clay computer or laptop.
  4. Click here to view instructions on how to use the Video Editor application on Windows 10. Click the dropdown for the Video Editor App to view the instructions.

    • Helpful Hints:
      • Add the photos from Google Drive (G: Drive) from your computer. Select the G: Drive when adding photos. Then open the folder and select all the photos that you would like to add to the video.

      • Add custom audio/songs from Amazon music. Purchase a song, download it to your computer, and add the audio to your video. Click here to view instructions on how to download purchased music to your PC from Amazon. Users cannot download music from Spotify as it is not a music file sharing platform. Purchased music from Apple iTunes cannot be downloaded to PCs either, as we do not have the iTunes app on our Red Clay computers.
  1. Export your video when you are finished editing. Save the video to Google Drive. If you want to share the video with your students and families, send them the Google share link to the video or post the link/embed the video in Schoology.