Virtual Field Trips

Suggestions for AR and VR content that function on Chromebooks or handheld VR/AR devices: 

  1. Google Arts & Culture: A curated site of artwork, artists, new technologies, games, videos, audio, virtual tours, and more! Google brings the world’s art and culture online in one fully accessible site. 
  2. Google Earth: a cloud-based geospatial analysis platform that enables users to visualize and analyze satellite images of our planet. You can create projects, go on random tours, and play games. 
  3. Google My Maps: a custom map creation tool to create guided tours. You can also add information to locations as well as measure area.
  4. Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips
    • Choose your grade band.
    • Check out the Upcoming Virtual Field Trips.
  5. Newsela Virtual Field Trips
  6. Educational VR Videos on YouTube: there are a lot of videos on YouTube and online that can be used with a Cardboard or a VR headset. Here are some videos that can be used on headsets or Chromebooks. On a laptop or Chromebook, click and move the cursor to move around the video to see the full 360 degree view.
  7. Best Virtual Field Trips - article from Tech and Learning
  8. Click here and check out our webinar on Virtual Field Trips using Earth, My Maps, and Arts & Culture.
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