Worksheet Help

Part 1 - Turn the physical worksheet into a digital worksheet:

  • Option 1: Scan the worksheet using the copier in your building and email it to yourself. The worksheet is turned into a PDF file.
  • Option 2 for iPhone users: Take a picture/scan of the worksheet in the Notes app using your iPhone. This will save the worksheet as a PDF file. Click here and follow these instructions.
  • Option 3 for Android users: Scan the document using the Google Drive app. Click here and follow these instructions.
  • Option 4: Take a picture of the worksheet using your cell phone or your Chromebook. Save the image file to your Google Drive.


Part 2 - Take the digital worksheet and make it interactive:


  • Option 3: Use the Kami extension to write on the document and submit it to Schoology for grading.
    • Kami Chrome Extension: (This extension has been pushed to student Chromebooks and teacher laptops by the technology office.) Users can annotate text and edit documents using Kami. Sign up with your Red Clay Google Account. Students can annotate using Kami and then submit their annotated assignment in Schoology.


  • Option 4: Add the worksheet to your Google Slides presentation, then use Pear Deck to make the slide a drawing slide. When presenting with Pear Deck, students can draw or type on the worksheet. Click here to learn more about Pear Deck.