Whiteboard Tools

These whiteboards can be used and shared during live Zoom sessions or to create videos. For lengthy how-to videos, it is wise to create videos ahead of time using Screencastify or Loom (screen recorders), the Schoology Audio/Video Recorder, your Chromebook camera, or even your cell phone. These videos can be added to Schoology for students view on demand. Then the teacher can use Zoom plus one of the whiteboard tools to clarify, correct misconceptions, and answer students' questions. 

  • Zoom Whiteboard and Annotation Tools - *will not work for hosts using Chromebooks*
    • Annotation tools DO work when using the Zoom app on an iPhone or iPad. Take a photo/screenshot of a blank screen or piece of paper and then share and annotate on that photo to simulate a whiteboard on an iPhone or iPad.
    • On Chromebooks, hosts should use one of the whiteboard tools below. 
  • ClassroomScreen - browser only - works well on Chromebooks
    • ClassroomScreen has useful widgets that you can project on your screen – making it a one stop shop!
      • Drawing Whiteboard – with the ability to save as a pdf and post on Schoology for later reference.
      • Traffic light
      • Timer
      • Random Name Generator
      • Work Symbols – such as silence
      • Available in many languages
  • Google Canvas - browser only.
  • Google Jamboard - works in browser and has iPad, Android, and Chromebook apps. Can be shared with others so that more than one person can write on the screen.

Digital Interactive Letter Tiles