Easily create beautiful designs and documents. 

  • Register for Canva for Education using your Red Clay Account. Available for K-12 teachers and students for free, for forever.  
  • Log into Canva using your Red Clay Account: 
  • Choose or search for a template.
  • Add or upload images.
  • Share your design and collaborate with others.
  • Download your final design.
  • Need help:

Canva Tutorials:

Merging Canva Accounts:

During the Spring of 2023, Red Clay adopted Single-Sign On for Canva Education Accounts. Unfortunately, many people lost access to files they had created over the years in their old accounts. Canva can merge the new k12 account with the old account, giving back access to all previously created files. 

Anyone that lost access to their materials should put in a ticket with Canva: 

  1. Click this link to contact Canva: support: 

  2. Click I still need help.
  3. Fill in the appropriate information:

    1. Issue category = Account settings

    2. Issue = I can’t change my account email address

    3. Describe the issue = My district modified our district email addresses so that we could utilize SSO for Canva. I cannot access my old account (**fill in your email address → in order to modify my email address. My new account should be (**fill in your email address → Please change my old email address to my new email address as I am unable to log into the old account and make the change myself. Thank you!

Canva for Beginners Tutorial - video playlist:


Canva tutorials for teachers - video playlist: