Delete a Schoology Course



As a teacher, you may have Schoology courses in your course listing that do not belong to you or you do not want to be a member of anymore. Deleting a Schoology course, deletes it for all members in the course. You should only delete courses that were self created. Teachers should not delete courses that were generated from eSchool. These are real courses with teachers and students in them and they are tied to eSchool. Please read the below information BEFORE deleting a Schoology course. If you have deleted a course and you need help restoring it, click here and follow these instructions or email Courtney Kalbach or Karen Ammann.


Follow these instructions to remove a Schoology course from your course listing:


Step 1: Check the members of the Schoology course.

  1. Open the Schoology course.
  2. Click Members from the menu on the left.


Step 2: Review the members in the course.

  1. If there are other teachers and students in this course, do NOT delete it. This course is used by real teachers and real students in the district. If you delete the course, you will delete it for all members and no one will have access to the course. Move on to step 3.
  2. If you are the only member in the course or you have consulted the other members in the course and all members want the course deleted, then click here and follow these instructions. Remember, you should only delete courses that were self created. Self created courses could include a sandox course where you try things out in Schoology, a course where you and a coworker collaborate, or a course for a small group of students, etc. 


Step 3: Remove yourself from the course.

  1. Within the Members section of the course, locate your name.
  2. Click the gear.
  3. Select unenroll.
    • This will remove yourself from the course and the course will no longer be in your course listing.
    • There must be at least one administrator in the course in order for a teacher/admin to unenroll themselves. The admins are identified with a shield shield icon next to their names. If you are the only admin in the course, then you cannot remove yourself. If this is the case, please contact the Red Clay Help Desk or Courtney Kalbach or Karen Ammann.