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In Fall 2020, ClassLink replaced IMS at the state level for all educators. ClassLink also replaced Clever in Red Clay for all educators and students. IMS and Clever are no longer used in Red Clay.


ClassLink ( is a single sign on solution used by staff and students in Red Clay. ClassLink saves the usernames and passwords for various web applications and programs so that users do not need to remember the different credentials used for each application. Users only need to log into ClassLink using their Red Clay Google account credentials, then simply click the tile for the program they want to access and they will be automatically logged in. 

  • How to sign in:
    • Red Clay Google Account Credentials
    • Educators and students will log into ClassLink with their Red Clay Google credentials.
      • If educators need support locating or resetting their Red Clay Google credentials, please email or call (302-636-HELP) the Red Clay help desk.
      • If students need support locating or resetting their Red Clay Google credentials, please email or ask the school librarian.
  • Where to locate ClassLink:
    • On the Inside Red Clay homepage.
    • When signed into the Chrome Browser, click the bookmarks folder. Then click Red Clay Apps.
    • Bookmark Red Clay's unique ClassLink website or add this link to your Schoology course for students to access:  


More Information:

  • Depending on your job responsibilities, you will have different application tiles in ClassLink.
  • Teachers and students use ClassLink.
  • There are application tiles specific to teachers' employment like DEEDS and application tiles that specifically support teachers working with students like Discovery Education.
  • Once you sign into ClassLink, there are additional teacher webinars that educators can view to learn more about the various features of ClassLink. Click the tile ClassLink Academy Webinars (Teacher).
  • Staff members will access the applications that were previously in IMS through ClassLink. Even Data Service Center has a tile icon in ClassLink. If you are missing an IMS or ClassLink application, please email or call (302-636-HELP) the Red Clay help desk or put in a support ticket.


Important application tiles for teachers: 

  • eSchoolPLUS:
    • ALL grades use eSchool for attendance every day.
    • ALL grades use eSchool to see student information like family phone numbers.
    • Grades 4-12 use eSchool for the gradebook, interims, and report cards.
      • Teachers must set up their gradebook before adding grades. See an administrator and/or team member at your school for help. 
  • Incident IQ: 
    • Put in an Incident IQ ticket to have technology installed or fixed in your classroom.
  • PDMS:
    • Mandatory State trainings for Child Abuse, Suicide Prevention, Homeless, and Bullying.
    • Register for these trainings during the week of August 23, 2021 in PDMS.
  • Schoology:
    • Schoology account is created after registering in PDMS for State required trainings as mentioned above.
    • Teachers will switch between their state eLDE account and their Red Clay school account.
  • PS IEP Red Clay (previously IEP Plus):
    • Special service team members and educators access their students' IEPs and goals.


Brief Introduction to ClassLink Video (3 minutes long):



ClassLink Tutorial Video (22 minutes long):


Additional Resources regarding ClassLink:

 classlink flyer