• Teachers and students access myON through ClassLink.


  • Teachers are able to adjust the read aloud settings for their students. Follow the below directions:
    1. The teacher logs into myON through ClassLink.
    2. Click a student's name.
    3. Adjust the Audio Settings: 

audio settings


  •  Teachers can assign books that they'd like their students to read. Follow the directions below:
    1. First, the teacher needs to create a project. Click here and follow these instructions. Teachers can add multiple books to a project or just one. Choose the Reading Task if you just want students to read.
    2. Assign the project to your whole class or just a few students. Click here and follow the directions. 


  • Teachers can view and monitor student progress in myON.
    • The teacher can view individual student data by clicking on the student's name from their roster.
    • The teacher can also view the reports tab by clicking Classroom, then Reports. Click here to learn more about myON Reports.