Download SMART Notebook for my home computer


  1. Click here to download the latest SMART Software.
  2. Enter the license key: Click here and sign in with your Red Clay Google Account Credentials to view the code.
  3. Follow the instructions when downloading for Windows or Mac.


As of Fall 2019: The Tech Office is able updated all teacher computers to SMART Notebook version 19. To access track-it click the link.

Adobe Flash content is no longer supported in SMART Notebook software. The last SMART Notebook versions to support Adobe Flash content were:

  • Windows: SMART Notebook 16.2 software
  • Mac: SMART Notebook 16.1 software


Learn more about Flash and SMART Notebook, click here.


To download you desired SMART Notebook version, follow the steps below: 




If you are downloading an older version of SMART Notebook, follow these additional directions: