Convert SMART Notebook Files to Lumio files

Convert your SMART Notebook file into a Lumio file.

Lumio files can be used on Chromebooks or any device. Students can also interact with your Lumio file from their devices.

Follow these instructions for converting your previously created Notebook file, into a Lumio lesson:

  1. Locate your SMART Notebook file on your computer.
  2. Open Lumio:
    1. Go to your Red Clay Google Drive account.
    2. Click NEW > More > Lumio by SMART
  3. Sign in as a teacher using your Red Clay Google Account credentials.
  4. Click the Import Resource box.
  5. Decide where the file is located. On your device/computer or in your Google Drive.
  6. Select the file.
  7. Lumio will convert the SMART Notebook file into a Lumio lesson.
  8. You now can edit, add/delete slides, and change your lesson if necessary.

*Interactive activities like SMART Lab activities will function correctly as interactive activities in Lumio.