Lumio (formerly SMART Learning Suite Online)

Lumio (formerly SMART Learning Suite Online) allows teachers to share copies of SMART Notebook lessons with individual or groups of students on all sorts of devices, so they can interact with lessons, play game-based activities, take quizzes and learn at their own pace. Lumio frees students to work at their own pace and flex their creativity inside active learning environments. 

All teachers in Red Clay should have access to the paid for Lumio features. To check your subscription status, log into Lumio and click your profile picture in the top right corner. It should say that you are subscribed to SMART Learning Suite. This gives you unlimited Lumio storage.

subscribed to SLSO

Watch these videos to learn more about Lumio:





Lumio (formerly SMART Learning Suite Online) Webinar from April 22, 2020 hosted by Heather Schrader from SMART: