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Red Clay Teachers Bring History into Art Class

The Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education (DiAE) delivered a full day of multidisciplinary professional development for Red Clay’s Unified Arts teachers to explore various methods of incorporating historical content into their lessons. 

Yolanda Chetwynd, DiAE visual art teaching artist, led the teachers in a graphic novel workshop. The teachers considered the practice of educating women and their family’s history within the Suffrage movement. In a music workshop with Meredith Hite-Estevez, educators responded to photographs from the Japanese-American Internment using instrumental music, vocals and speech. George Tietze, drama teaching artist, focused the workshop on the movement to end child labor. Inspired by photographs of children doing factory and domestic work in the early 20th century, teachers created tableaus and dialogue. The fourth workshop was led by dancer Ashley SK Davis. The teachers developed individual choreographic works, crafted from “resistance” gestures, which they then combined into a group dance phrase. As the final activity for the day, educators developed a complete multidisciplinary work in response to the prompt, “How do you envision the future?”

Thank you to the DiAE for this inspiring training!


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