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Red Clay's 1st Annual Career Decision Day


The Red Clay Consolidated School District held its First Annual Red Clay Career/ Post-Secondary Decision Day on May 3, 2019. The purpose of the event was to highlight the students who are pursuing work-based careers directly out of high school.   Student-athletes & scholars who pursue post-secondary education are often lauded during National Signing Days. Decision Day was created to honor students whose career paths will take them directly into the workforce.


Honorees are moving into a variety of different careers.  Cab Calloway’s Katherine C. will be skating with Disney on Ice immediately after graduation and McKean’s Jackson T. is already a member of the electrical union. Other students have signed professional modeling contracts, joined branches of the military and secured employment with Project Search.   


More than 20 students were recognized during the inaugural event. Principals told personal anecdotes while individually introducing each student. “Annually, we highlight the successes and career paths of our students who have chosen 4-year colleges and universities. Today, we recognize those who are transitioning into the work-based career,” stated director of secondary schools Sam Golder.


Red Clay Alumnus Moises Velazquez is a 2015 graduate of McKean High School.  Velazquez planned to work in the automotive industry and repair & restore classic cars.  However, through his involvement with student government, he and his peers were tasked with creating videos for McKean’s Student Government Association. During the creative process, Velazquez was introduced to Edtv’s Executive Produce Rob Markopoulos.  “Through Rob’s teachings and mentorship, my true passion evolved.  Once my plan to attend film school did not work out, I was provided an opportunity to work as a filmmaker for EDtv.” stated Velazquez.


Retired Judge Chandlee Kuhn detailed her career journey from a bailiff in the court system to a Family Court Chief Judge.  “Treat every job as if it’s your career,” echoed Kuhn.


The event was a huge success that was confirmed by the sincere appreciation of the students being honored and the guests from the respective careers that attended the program in support.  “It is empowering to see our students who are preparing to serve our country and transition directly into the workforce, stated superintendent Dorrell Green.”