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Stanton and Richardson Park Students Celebrate Read Across America Day

Stanton and Richardson Park Students Celebrate Read Across America Day

Stanton Middle School AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students joined kindergarten students from Richardson Park Elementary School to celebrate the annual NEA Read Across America Day. Sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA), Read Across America Day celebrates the birthday of renown children’s author, Dr. Seuss and the joys of reading.

Students under the guidance of sixth grade teacher Shayla Perkins organized and planned the day’s activities.  Schools and community partners were contacted via email. Additionally, students chose their favorite Dr. Seuss book to read to students at Richardson Park Elementary.

Read Across America Day, started on March 2, 1998, is a nationwide reading celebration that takes place annually on March 2 and is used as a kick-off for National Reading Month. The celebration is designed to motivate children to read and to help create lifelong, successful readers. Research has shown that children who spend more time reading do better in school.

The students from Stanton and Richardson Park will join with many literacy, youth and civic groups in bringing a nation of readers together under one hat – the red and white stovepipe made famous by Dr. Seuss’s the Cat in the Hat. Over 45 million readers, both young and old are expected to pick up a book and share in the excitement of reading.

“Stanton Middle Schools Read Across America Program is important for younger students to see older students and leaders, and equally important for the older students to realize their leadership capabilities,” stated Perkins.