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Red Clay Installs Weather Station

Red Clay now has a real time weather station that provides 24-hour, to-the-minute weather information for K-12 students, Red Clay Staff and the community.

 The Davis weather station, located at Central School on Telegraph Road, provides local weather including current temperature, high and low temperatures for the day, current wind speed and direction, relative humidity, barometric pressure and daily and seasonal precipitation totals.

The new weather station, installed last November, was funded as part of an astronomy grant awarded to the district. It provides real time weather data as well as forecasted weather information. Red Clay elementary and secondary students will use the data in conjunction with the new Next Generation science standards that include study of weather and global climate change.

 Eddie McGrath, Red Clay Supervisor of Science and manager of the weather station said, “We hope K-12 teachers will use the weather station information to tie into the curriculum related to weather and climate and that schools will include weather information in their morning announcements.”

To access the weather station click on the link