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PUBLISHED: May 1, 2017
Open Enrollment: May 1–13, 2017

Read the latest Benefits Bulletin for important information about Open Enrollment 2017.

  • Employees who do not access Employee Self-Service during the Open Enrollment period will stay enrolled in their current plans, except as noted in the Benefits Bulletin (Highmark’s IPA/HMO and Highmark’s CDH Gold Plans are being eliminated 7/1/17).
  • If you are enrolled in the District’s Dental and/or Vision plan, and take no action, you will continue to be enrolled in the Dental and/or Vision plan with the new vendors.
  • We strongly encourage all employees to login to Employee Self-Service to review their benefits to make sure that they have selected all benefit plans and levels of coverage that best fit their and their family’s needs. 
  • The EyeMed Open Enrollment phone number listed in the Benefits Bulletin is for employees who have questions about the Vision plan that will be in effect on 7/1/17.
For questions, contact Pat Bond, Red Clay's Benefits Specialist.