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October MTSS Events

This month’’s MTSS events included shopping at the school store, free lunches at the Overlook Cafe, and a Fall Fest! 


All students with FS cash had an opportunity to purchase items at our school store in the middle of October. Items like erasers, pencils, hoodies, fidgets, earbuds, and other small items were available this month.  


Students who consistently met expectations were eligible for the free drawing to go down to the Overlook Cafe to purchase lunch on Christiana Care. Each week, Ms. Monika picks a grade level group and draws three names of eligible students to take with her down to the larger cafeteria in the hospital to choose from a wider selection of food choices. Cheese fries always seem to be a favorite treat of those who get selected. 


Our larger activity this month was the Fall Fest. All students who earned enough FS Cash were able to participate. Students had an opportunity to paint pumpkins, eat fall snacks, play a spooky movie music trivia game by Ms. Adam, and enjoy face painting by some of our wonderful community volunteers. 


As always, all students have the opportunity to purchase access to electronic devices during lunch and breakfast each day.