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Cooking at FSS

On most Tuesday afternoons at First State School ninth and tenth grade students are busy chopping vegetables, reading recipes and learning about nutritious ways to create a meal.  As part of their Career Pathway Exploration class, these high school students participate in a Fouryouth Productions class called Cooking Fouryouth. In the class, facilitated by Theresa Emmett, the students learn about menu planning, meal prep, healthy food choices and budgeting for groceries.  With the guidance of Ms. Emmett, students work together to learn how to stay within a budget to plan and prepare nutritious meals that utilize all of their groceries and leave little waste. This vital life skill is one that the students might otherwise not have received training in had FSS not partnered with Fouryouth Productions earlier this year.

 The beauty of Fouryouth Productions is that they are able to cater to the unique environment of FSS and its lack of kitchen facilities by providing all materials needed to complete each class and the activities.  This includes bringing items such as: hot plates, blenders, utensils, ingredients, recipes cards, and work mats for the students to use during the each class.  So far this year they have made sushi, grilled chicken salad, smoothies, and tacos. Recently, students read recipes to design a 3-day menu of healthy meals, created a shopping list and chose their favorite recipe to make with the class. 

 The fun is not reserved just for high school students. All FSS students participated in programs provided by Fouryouth Productions during our summer school session this past summer. Half of the students completed the Art Fouryouth program while the other completed a Cooking Fouryouth program.  In the Art Four youth program, students learned about basic camera fundamentals and artistic design in photography. They worked with a coordinator from Fouryouth Productions to learn, design, capture and produce art that used food and recycled materials to create landscapes. They later photographed and edited their work using graphic design tips provided by the coordinator.  As a culminating activity, student artwork was exhibited alongside other student work from around Wilmington, during a Fouryouth Productions art show.

 This collaboration with Fouryouth Productions, a nonprofit organization that works with underprivileged youth throughout Wilmington, provides opportunities for FSS students to express their creativity with hands on visual activities that expose them to possible career choices in graphic design, art, culinary arts, engineering and science.

Alice Tuttle