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Spring Happenings at FSS

March Events

  • March 8th– Pajama Day: Please do not wear slippers to school.
  • March 14– YMCA: We will be at the GYM. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.
  • March 15th– Wear Green: Students can earn 10 Bravo Bucks for wearing green to school.
  • March 22nd– Jersey Day: Students  can earn 15 Bravo Bucks for wearing a sports jersey to school.
  • March 26th– Bravo Bowling Event– Students who pay 30 Bravo Bucks and receive ZERO  referrals for March will be able to participate.


PSAT and SAT Testing

March 18th and March 19th– PSAT 10

March 27th and March 28th– PSAT 9 and SAT 11

Please  make sure you are present on both days of your assigned assessment. Please try to avoid scheduling any appointments on these days. Thank you in advance.


State Testing

Students in 5th grade, US History and Biology will be participating in State Assessments at the  end of April. More information will be provided as we get closer to the dates.