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What's happening at FSS in December?


In Science, Elementary is finishing up learning about animal superpowers. In Middle School, we're continuing our investigations into matter and chemical reactions. Biology is working on 3D models of plant and animal cells. Envi-Sci is learning about hybrid vehicles and creating roller coasters as part of learning about energy transformation.

In Math, elementary students are getting much better at basic number operations and middle school students are improving their computations with fractions.

In Social Studies, elementary students are beginning to talk about economic needs and wants and middle schools students are finishing up learning about due process. In civics class, 9/10th grade students are starting to learn about important landmark Supreme Court cases. In geography 11/12th grade students are learning about Latin America. 


Fun times:

All eligble students will attend our quarterly PBS reward activity on Friday, December 14th.  Students will spend part of the day at Christiana Mall with their classmates learning how to manage their medical condition in a real world experience. 

On December 19th, students will have an opportunity to spend their PBS dollars, Bravo Bucks, at our annual Winter Wonderland holiday sale.  Students can select gifts for family members and for themselves from among the numerous donated items such as scarves, hats, games, toys, and personal hygiene items.