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Author Lenny Williams talks to Stanton's 8th Grade ELA classes

Leonard H. Williams III is also known as Lenny by his peers. He started to take writing seriously during his junior year in college, when his professor told him his creative writing was phenomenal and should be published. He’s a very spiritual and peaceful person who believes that nature, the night sky, and dreams inspire a majority of his work. As a creator, he loves studying the works of Joshua Leonard, Martellus Bennett, J.K. Rowling, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Maya Angelou, Walt Disney, and Nicholas Sparks. He credits them for consistently instilling magic, love, and wonder in their material and hopes to make an impact with his writing like them one day.

Some of his books are: Asha: The Princess of Matana, The Loner & The Goth, She's Devine, Paradise, The Holiday Dream