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SO many events in March!

PBIS Reach for the A's Raffle takes place Monday, March 15 - Friday, March 19. Students will receive an email detailing this raffle.
    • When students earn an "A" on an assignment, they will take a picture of the grade and class for verification
    • They will send the picture to -
    • Name will be entered into raffle - 3 Grand prize winners will be awarded
    • Students can submit each time they receive an "A" on an assignment
    • Raffle will be live on IG SkylineJags page - Date/Time TBD.


Read-a-thon through March 26 :

PBIS Read-a-Thon began Monday, March 8 and ends on Friday, March 26. Students will receive an email about the Read-a-Thon.

    • Students register via PBIS rewards Event (10 PAWS points to register)
    • Once registered, students will receive a Google Form link via email
      • This link is the daily log to record pages read, etc...
      • Read-a-Thon Record Log
      • A list of prizes will be sent with the google link
    • Students are rewarded 2 PBIS points per page read
    • There will be different tiers of prizes per pages read
    • Top reader (most pages read) will be awarded a grand prize 


Girl Talk March 31st :

Skyline's Student Diversity Committee presents: Virtual Girl Talk for ALL female students on Wednesday, March 31 from 10am - 11am. This is Skyline's FIRST "student conference". The talk is in celebration of Woman's History Month.


Red Clay Education Station Student Voice Bus will be here at Skyline both Monday, March 15 (Cohort 1) and Thursday, March 18 (Cohort 2). Select students will board the bus during lunch time and share their voice addressing issues that matter to them. The district diversity committee created this opportunity for students in response to their desire for more student voice in schools and within the district.