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School messenger Sunday 4/26/20

Good morning Skyline families, this is Mr. Rumford the Principal of Skyline Middle School with some important announcements.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.  We really miss working with and seeing our students.  On Friday Governor Carney announced that all Delaware schools will be closed until the end of the school year.  With that said, we will continue to provide remote learning activities for our students.  We will continue to follow our schedule that is posted on Skyline’s website.  The district will be updating you in the days to come.

Next week will be week 5 of our remote learning plan.  Our teachers at Skyline are continuing to work hard creating lessons and activities for our students through ZOOM or Schoology. 


Last week was our Virtual Spirit Week. Thank you to the students and staff who participated and sent in messages or videos.  Check it out on our website or follow our Instagram page at @skylinejags. 


Remember workbook packets have been created by the district for families to use if they want additional activities to go along with what teachers are doing with Schoology and other platforms.  They have also been created for families without chromebooks or internet access.  Workbook packets can be found on the Red Clay website.  The packets can be picked up at any one of the Red Clay meal distribution sites on Tuesdays.

If you have any questions at all, please email me at

Please remember to follow the social distancing guidelines and other precautions like staying home.  These are the best ways to keep you and your families safe.