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School messenger 11/18/19

PENN Survey – 11/18/19


On December 13, 2019, Red Clay Consolidated School District in partnership with the Catalyst Research Center at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School Of Education, will be conducting a survey of all students in grades 6-12 in order to help answer the question, “to what extent do students feel a sense of belonging in our school community? We will be using the Psychological Sense of School Membership scale (PSSM) as our survey tool. While we will collect basic demographic information from students as part of the survey, we will NOT be able to link survey results to individual students. To reiterate, survey respondents will remain completely anonymous. Students will take the survey as scheduled by each school administrative team, and the entire process will take less than 20 minutes. This is our first year participating in the survey, and we look forward to analyzing and reflecting on the data we collect.  We will work to see how the data might assist us in programming and supporting students within our school buildings. 



Frank Rumford


Skyline Middle School