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Wednesday 10.23.19

Permission slips and money for Main Event are due October 25th. Students must have zero behavior referrals for the month of October to attend. No permission slips will be accepted after October 25th.



Girls Group is not meeting today after school. Repeat: Girls Group will not meet after school today.



Congratulations to our new National Junior Honor Society representatives who were voted into office yesterday:

  • President - Will Outslay
  • Vice President - Cooper Richle
  • Treasure - Alisha Adbullav
  • Secretary - Adison Stearrett
  • Social Chair -Abigail Brickley
  • Board Members - Haley Eck, Kadence Young



Good morning students and staff,

I want to remind students that there are more than 70 teachers and support staff at Skyline who are here, not only to teach our students, but are able and willing to assist students when problems arise.  I encourage you all to really think about which staff member you trust and can go to if you are having a problem.  Fighting and threats of fighting won’t be tolerated at Skyline.  Fighting will result in suspension.  Find an adult to help you and avoid a fight.