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Congrats to McKean's Cross Country team on a great season opener!

McKean's Cross Country runners finally raced their season opener against Newark at White Clay Creek State Park. Despite valiant efforts during the 3.1 miles of tough terrain, McKean's diligent runners could not overcome the much bigger teams of Newark's boys' and girls' squads.

However, John Santiago and Zyanya Tovar were extremely pleased with their respective races and times. Both faced extremely arduous circumstances, but they both persevered and performed the best they could...which is always success.

Winning is not defined by a W or an L; winning is defined by effort, perseverance, diligence and tenacity, and McKean's John Santiago and Zyanya Tovar exemplify all of those incredible attributes. Coach Coates counts them as true winners. Congratulations on getting that first race in the books and race even faster and stronger at Bellevue next week.