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Thomas McKean English Language Learners Visit the Holocaust Museum

Thomas McKean English Language Learners Visit the Holocaust Museum


On Friday, February 23, Mrs. Stock's and Mrs. Bartlett's English language learners classes, and Mrs. Sargent's Spanish classes went to Washington D.C. to visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as a culmination of a unit on World War II and the Holocaust.


Some students like Marielys, an eleventh grader in Mrs. Stock's ELL 2 class, had learned a little about the Holocaust from before their time at Thomas McKean High School. But while Marielys had been introduced to the Holocaust several years ago when she lived in Puerto Rico, she had never learned about it in depth, and she had not learned about it in school. According to Marielys, "it was a big deal to be [at the Museum] since I had learned about it before, and I had heard about the museum."


Indeed, the trip to the museum seemed to affect each of the students from McKean as they navigated their way through the different exhibits. When asked about how their visit to the museum, students said they found it both touching and thought-provoking. In fact, several students and teachers were brought to tears by the various displays.


The trip to the Museum not only brought new depth to the students' understandings of the atrocities committed and great losses experienced during the Holocaust, but it gave them a new responsibility. One part of the exhibits is a large quote from Isaiah 43:10, "You are my witnesses." This quote ties the religious beliefs of the many Jewish people who were persecuted and killed during the Holocaust to the visitors of the Museum and gives them the charge of being a new witness for those who were lost. Going forward, the students who participated in this field trip will be the voices of those who are gone both in the community of McKean and the larger Wilmington community.