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Lion King Roars to Life at Linden Hill!

Lion King Roars to Life at Linden Hill!


Students from Linden Hill took to the stage in their performance of The Lion King Jr.  After months of hard work and dedication, the students were able to present a final performance to be proud of.  Forty students filled the stage in full costume, singing the classic songs from Disney’s The Lion King.  On Saturday, May 11th, the cast and crew took their final bows after spending months rehearsing.


The process began in December, when 4th and 5th Grade students had the opportunity to audition for the musical.  For many students, it was their first time being part of a theater production. Students were given lines and songs to prepare as they learned all about the audition process.  The cast was set and rehearsals began in early January.

The Lion King Jr. was Linden Hill Elementary’s fourth annual musical theater production.  Each year, the show grows to become more student-driven. Every part of the on-stage production was influenced by students.  Students assisted in the design and creation of the scenery, props, and costumes. On Saturdays, the Linden Hill theater community came together to transform the stage into the Pridelands.  Students, teachers, friends, parents, and grandparents volunteered their time to create set pieces, paint backdrops and assemble costumes.


In addition to the on-stage cast, ten students served as members of the stage crew.  These students were responsible for organizing props backstage, changing backdrops and scenery, controlling the curtain, running the audio, and controlling the lightboard.  Students who were interested in being part of the stage crew were required to fill out an application. Once the students were selected, they began attending rehearsals and learning the show.  Just like the cast on stage, the stage crew worked to learn the entire show. While the audience may not see the stage crew during the performance, their hard work behind the scenes helps to bring the show to life.


When it was finally showtime, the production roared to an energetic start with the famous song, Circle of Life.  This scene filled the stage with lions, gazelles, zebras, giraffes, and elephants. Throughout the rest of the play, students also took on the roles of wildebeests, hyenas, and classic characters such as Timon, Pumbaa, and Rafiki.  The show challenged students in many unique ways. The script called for students to sing in Swahili, dance in elaborate costumes, and utilize different movements to represent the animals of the Pridelands.


When the final curtain closed, there were over fifty students who could proudly admire their final product.  There were dozens of parent and teacher volunteers who helped make the show possible. A show of this magnitude takes an entire village to pull off.  At Linden Hill, it was a true community effort.