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Celebrating 10 Years of Mentoring at Highlands!

Celebrating 10 Years of Mentoring at Highlands


The Creative Mentoring Program has been at Highlands Elementary School for ten years, and for the ten years many members of the surrounding business and private community have been giving their time and attention to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders each week. This year 52 mentors worked with 62 students to help them succeed in school and life. The focus is on improving reading skills but the relationships that develop between mentor and student is of prime importance. It becomes a mutually satisfying experience.


The students are referred to the program by their teachers, the guidance counselor ad sometimes parents. They work with their mentors 30 -40 minutes each week on reading, teacher assignments, researching on their chromebooks, and playing learning games. All of our mentors register with Creative Mentoring (part of the non-profit organization Connecting Generations) for screening, background checks, and training. Mentors are asked to sign in each time they come and this year logged over 980 hours of volunteer time donated to the school. It is a very positive connection between the community and the school.


We will be celebrating our accomplishments this year at our 10th annual Mentor/Student Luncheon on June 5th. Everyone in the program meets in the gymnasium for lunch and to receive certificates. Appreciation for everything the mentors contribute to their students and the school will be recognized by Principal Barbara Land and Superintendent of Red Clay Consolidated School District, Mr. Dorrell Green. The mentoring partnerships say good-bye to each for the summer and look forward to coming together again this fall.


Mentoring can be a very positive experience and can work wonders for students in need of a constant, dependable relationship. So if you have 30-40 minutes a week to spare please contact us: Nancy Smith, Coordinating Teacher, at Highlands Elementary School to start your rewarding journey.