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Math League Competes at The State Championship

Math League Competes in the State Level Competition in Dover

Students did an amazing job representing HB duPont. 

Our 7th grade team finished the job and brought home the Gold! Sophia, Eddie, Ethan, Kedar and Aison took 1st Place in the State Math League Competition.  The team scored 25 points and Sophia was one of only 8 students to score 6 points. 

Congratulations to the 8th grade team on their 4th place finish at the State Math League Competition! Out of the 13 teams statewide, our team, led by Joan, Darren and Allen, crushed the competition. Emily and Asher also provided hard work to help us beat our archrivals.  Well done Warriors, Mr. T. is very proud of you! Remember, It's Supposed to be Hard!