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FAME STEMulate Change Virtual Summer Program

FAME STEMulate Change Virtual Summer Program at Your School

This summer we will be offering our Fame Stemulate Change summer program virtually. We are teaming up with Fame Inc. to offer some exciting virtual and hands on STEM activities. These virtual classes and resource kits can be completed in student’s homes with an instructor connecting virtually in order to enhance their learning experience.

Fame Inc. STEMulate Change is a program that encourages students to see themselves as Scientists, Technicians, Engineers and Mathematicians. This project-based learning will be held virtually, with a focus on helping students to explore and solve real world challenges that they can then present. Fame Inc. STEMulate Change exposes students to various STEM related industries and careers specific to each project. Deadline for applications is Friday, June 11th.

English Online Application 


STEMulate Change RCCSD (1).pdf 

EnglishFinalFAMERCCSD2021 (1).pdf 

Spanish Stemulate Change Flyer.pdf 

SpanishFameFinalFAMERCCSDApp (1).pdf