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Lead Testing Water Update



Subject: Lead Water Testing Update 

Date:  Friday, March 17, 2023 


Dear Brandywine Springs staff,

Red Clay Consolidated School District and Brandywine Springs School are committed to protecting the health of our students and staff. This letter is to provide an update regarding the recent sampling results at our school.

Delaware Department of Education and the Department of Public health partnered with the District to test all of the drinking sources in our building. Fixtures that tested above the state threshold of 7.5ppb (parts per billion) were removed from service and will be retested before use. 

Below is the only drinking source in our building that tested above the threshold. All other drinking sources have been tested and are below the state threshold.


Tested March 3, 2023

  • Classroom 001 Sink Faucet
  • Level = 140 ppb
  • This faucet will be removed or replaced


Use these helpful links to learn more about the state’s school lead testing program.


We will continue to work closely with the Department of Education and the Department of Public Health to ensure the health and well-being of our students and staff.




Curtis Bedford, Principal
Brandywine Springs School