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A Message From Mr.Bedford


Brandywine Springs School

Message From the Principal

Dear Brandywine Springs School Community,

I wanted to take time today to congratulate everyone on completing the first week of the 2019-2020 school year.  It was great to see so many smiling faces this past week! 

There are a few things that I want you ro be mindful of as we come back to school on Tuesday Sept. 3, 2019.  The start of our instructional day begins at 8:05 am.  The front doors will open everyday at 7:55 am.  There are 2 ways students are dropped off at school. The car line out front or by bus out back.  We know that this week was the first week and parents were able to walk their students into the building, but on Tuesday September 3, 2019 students will enter the building and go to their homeroom by themselves.  For safety reasons please do not drop off in the St. Barnabas parking lot for any reason or leave students at our back door.  I spent this week receiving phone calls from our neighbors in regards to cars running the stop sign in the back to speeding down the church driveway. I assured them that we would be working together to make sure that during arrival time and dismissal time we all will be focused on the safety of all students and be mindful of the proper protocols to follow when coming to school.

 We have over 160 car riders signed up as of today.  We will dismiss at 2:55 pm everyday.  The carline seems to flow better when cars arrive closer to 2:55 pm. Please pull up as close as you can to the car in front of you, and when entering the circle please pull all the way up before stopping to pick your student.  This helps with us getting as many students loaded at a time.  The circle holds about 20 cars so our goal is to get the cars loaded and moving safely.  Please practice with your student so they know their number.  This way when they enter the auditorium they are able to find it on the screen when it is posted.  Please have the car number displayed on your dashboard so that I can log it in to our google doc system.  The car line usually takes about 10-12 minutes to end and our goal is that all students are picked up prior to 3:10 pm.


Thank you for choosing Brandywine Springs as your school of choice.  We worked really hard over the summer months to establish a system in recognizing our staff and students for meeting our school wide expectations.  You will begin to hear a lot about our Positive Behavior Support Program where students can earn Bobcat Bucks to cash in for school wide events or items.  Our focus for our PBS this year follows the acronym CATS.  All students this past week heard about CATS and our schoolwide expectations.  There will be posters throughout our building that will display these expectations in the different areas in the building.  Please visit our website to learn more about our PBS initiative.  We have also instituted our Voice Level communications so that our our students are recieivng the same message from all of our staff in the building.  Please ask your students to demonstrate the voice levels for you.  


Active Engagement



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