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Family Energy Expo at BSS

Energy Expo              Energy Expo     

Family Energy Expo at BSS




On April 3rd, Brandywine Springs School held its first Family Energy Expo! Our house was charged with energy and excitement!  There were “energy” activities for all ages! For example, there were scrumptious protein-packed snacks to make and taste, activities in the gym to create and release energy, solar experiments to make s’mores, numerous electricity stations to create circuits and learn how to conserve it, make and take windmills, assemble and race solar cars, and more!  We even had guest presenters from Energize Delaware, University of Delaware, Silver Run Electric, DELMARVA Power (and their trucks!). Best of all, the activity tables were run by students and teachers!  Wow!  They really did an outstanding job….amazing team work!

BSS’s Green School Team spent months planning this event, as well as working with the Eco-team students to educate and inspire them as they created their posters, activities, games, and projects.

Here are some highlights from Family Energy Night:

“Snacking for Energy…. Whoever would think it would taste so good! There were healthy, energy-packed snacks like: hummus and veggies, Greek yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, and granola, and some fun sun-butter granola energy balls! While attendees happily tasted and nibbled, they learned all about healthy and unhealthy snacks, and why it’s important to pick the “right” snack to fuel their bodies.  Before moving on, boys and girls were able to play a quick board game to show how much they learned!”  Thank you, Ms. Marioni and Ms. Anderson for the healthy, tasty treats and game!

“Move it, move it, and move it!  Yes! There were racing games in the gym!  But before joining in with the games, the boys and girls took their pulse, exercised, and took their pulse again.  Wow! It’s amazing how much energy our hearts can generate!”  Thank you, Mr. Starrett and Ms. Swift for coaching us!

“Did you feel that breeze? Boys and girls made windmills and anemometers with Ms. Hairston to see how moving air has energy!  Wow! The faster the wind blows – the faster they spin! Everyone had a blast putting them together and seeing the invisible become visible!”  Thank you, Ms. Hairston for your energy and craftiness…You made learning so much fun!

“If you walked down the K-1 hallway, there were tables of enticing activities that  he curiosity of every passer-by!  Water power, electric power, solar power, kinetic power… it was all there! Amazing! These activities were created and presented by Eco-team 4th and 5th grade TAG students, numerous BSS student volunteers, BSS teachers, and parents.” Thank you everyone for your dedication and innovation, as well as Mrs. Walsh, and Mrs. Saunders for helping to pull it all together!

“Now, if you explored upstairs – in Mr. Kelly’s science classroom, you’d see his hydroponic garden with beautiful Zinnia flowers and tomato plants!  Did you know that Mr. Kelly’s students are the farm workers who helped to germinate, maintain, and measure the plants’ growth?

Also on display were the solar cars created by the Brandywine Springs Junior Solar Sprint teams. The teams consisted of 5th through 8th graders who teamed up to design, build, and compete in the Junior Solar Sprint event.

Families also had the opportunity to experience big changes coming to the Delaware electric grid. Silver Run electric demonstrated a “hands-on” mini-version of their vertical injector. They will use the full scale vertical injector to lay transmission lines 30 feet underneath the bed of the Delaware River, building a more reliable electrical grid and bring more energy into the region and Mid-Atlantic power grid. Everyone had a chance to feel the real thing! Thank you, Mr. Kelly for bringing these amazing experiments, creations, solar models, and experiences that bring the present and future technologies within our reach! So cool…you inspire us all!

Energy is in us and all around us!  As our population grows, so does our need for energy. Here at BSS, we are on a journey that encourages exploring creative ways to harness energy, both sustainably and responsibly, from earth’s natural resources for our future! 

Special thanks to the teachers who stepped in and volunteered.

Ms. Macallister, Ms. Risner, Ms. Swift, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Deely, Ms. Zutz-Cummings, Ms. Peronti, Ms. Hansen, Ms. Taylor, Ms. O’Dwyer, Ms. Donofrio, Ms. Braddock, Ms. Walsh, Ms. League, Ms. McDermott, Ms. Flynn, and Ms. Bencrowsky! You were all great!  Of course, you’re teachers!

Thank you to all the BSS students and parents who came and enjoyed Family Energy Night!    Family Energy Expo at BSS       

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