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Biodiversity Project

Have you noticed all the new birds make a home at BSS?

Mrs. Saunders 5th grade class and Ms. Marioni’s Kindergarten class conducted a joint project with Delaware Nature Society to study the biodiversity of our BSS Schoolyard. Our students surveyed the schoolyard habitat to see if there was enough water, food, shelter, and places to raise young. Once the students started to observe their environment around them, they were amazed at all that they noticed!

The results of the survey of both the schoolyard and inner courtyard were that there is ample water, food, and places to raise young, but a need to create more shelter. The findings of the survey led us to research what we could do to add shelter to enhance the biodiversity of our campus. After many discussions, we came to the conclusion that by building nesting boxes and installing them around the grounds would be a plausible and timely solution.

Some of Mrs. Saunders students and Ms. Marioni’s students presented this idea as a proposal to Mr. Bedford and Mr. Patel. They both agreed! So the students and Mr. Pragoff, from Ashland Nature Center, went to work building 6 new bird houses! We installed them around the BSS campus and this spring the birds have been enjoying a safe shelter and a place to raise their young! If you walk around the campus, you’ll see them along the Delcastle Park tree line, behind the trailers, in the inner courtyard, and by the library.

To add to our biodiversity on campus, Jayden Fuller, one of Mrs. Saunders’ students, won the Arbor Day, “Trees are Terrific” poster contest. As a result, BSS received a Serviceberry tree – which was planted by the back fields just last week! This tree will add additional food and shelter to the animals and insects in our schoolyard. We are so proud of Jayden’s accomplishment and appreciative of the gift that we received from the DE Forest Service!

Next time, you’re out and about, take a moment to breathe the fresh air – provided by our treesJ, and observe all the plants and animals flying and scurrying about – as they too make up our natural world which we are all a part.