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A Special Second Grader Receive's Adaptive Bike

On Sunday, April 7th, a student from Baltz Elementary School had a very special day! Thanks to the help of fourth grade teacher Ms. Ruiz, Alan G. received a custom adapted bike that was designed for him through Preston’s March for Energy. Alan received his bike at the finish of the Orange Crush Your Run 5k in Newark. Proceeds from the run benefit Preston’s March.


Preston’s March for Energy is a non profit that supports children across the United States. Their mission is “to provide children with special needs access to freedom, fun, and physical exercise that an adaptive bike will provide, to promote inclusion, and to educate those we serve and the community regarding the importance of physical fitness in the special needs population.”


All of the bikes are custom made, however the bikes can be adjusted as recipients grow or their needs change. Once bikes are outgrown or no longer being used, the organization repurposes them for others to enjoy.


For more information or to donate to Preston’s March visit


Alan on his bike