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2023 Reality Fair

Dear AIHS Community,

We are thrilled to share the success of the AIHS Reality Fair, graciously sponsored by Franklin Mint Credit Union. On Nov 16, 2023, more than 150 seniors participated in this invaluable event, gaining insights into the financial aspects and decisions that follow high school.

The Reality Fair was a comprehensive exploration of life beyond graduation, covering essential topics such as budgeting and decision-making. Franklin Mint Credit Union's support played a pivotal role in making this experience impactful and memorable for our seniors. Thank you for your outstanding contribution! 🙌💙

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to our dedicated staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure the event's success. Your commitment to our students' education is truly commendable. 🌟👏

The AIHS Reality Fair wasn't just an exercise in numbers; it was a preparation for the real world. Let's extend a virtual round of applause to everyone involved for making this day an outstanding success! 🎉👏

As we equip our students with the knowledge to make informed decisions and navigate the path ahead, we express our gratitude to all contributors. Here's to empowering our students for the exciting journey that lies ahead! 🚀📚 #AIHSRealityFair #EmpoweringFutures #ThankYouFranklinMintCU 💙👩‍🎓