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AIHS Summer Update!

Summer work:

Any student scheduled to take an Honor’s English (grades 9-12) or AP course, please follow the AIHS Summer Work link to view the list of courses and assignments.

AIHS Summer Work


Spirit Wear:

For anyone looking for some fresh new AI gear, please follow the embedded link: CLICK HERE to Begin Ordering.  This first round of spirt wear supports our Football program.  Our PTSA will be selling spirit wear as well.  The first opportunity to purchase these items will be at the New Student Open House on Thursday, 8/22 from 12-5.  As additional spirt wear becomes available, we will inform our families and add new items to the school bookstore.


Freshman Orientation 8/26:

New 9th graders may begin entering the building at 7:10am.  Upon entering, they will be directed to the Auditorium where members of the staff will conduct a “Welcome to AI” presentation.  From the Auditorium, students will be sent to their 1st period class.  Students that are able to obtain their schedule in advance (from HAC of by attending the New Student Open House of 8/22) will be released first.  All others will have an opportunity to obtain their schedule in the auditorium. Students will then rotate through a modified schedule seeing ALL of their scheduled teachers.  At the mid-point of the day, they will have a 40 minute lunch break.  We will dismiss at our normal time of 2:15pm.  Rest assured, we will not release any busses until all students have boarded.

                -For any parent/guardian planning to drop-off/ pick up, please do so in the “top lot” in the front of the school.  This is the lot closest to Hillside Road.  Cars are not permitted to pick up/ drop off in the Fire Lane.    

On 8/27 – all students (9-12) will report to school.  We will begin to follow our normal schedule this day.  Doors open at 7:10am.  It is a Day 1 and students should report to their Period 1 class to begin the day.   


Counselor Assignments:

Guidance Counselors are a critical resource for students and their families.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your counselor by calling the school at 651-2626 or accessing their email.  

Mrs. Taryn Smith (A - F) (extension 310)

Mrs. Laura Fitzgerald (G - M) (extension 309)

Mr. Bill Madison (N - Z) (extension 311)


Student Dress Code:


Students must wear:


Collared Shirts:  solid colors only - Long sleeve or short sleeve collared “polo” style shirts, or button up (brand logos are permitted but they must be small and discreet; two inches and under) 


AIHS T-shirts may be worn – this includes gym shirts, team apparel, club wear, and spirit wear.  (i.e – Tiger Pride t-shirts, Senior T-shirts, etc…)  May be worn tucked or untucked (appropriate length), solid color undershirts of white or grey


Sweaters and sweater vests/ cardigans:  Students are permitted to wear solid color sweaters and or sweater vests and cardigans over their collared shirts.  The collar must be exposed at all times.


Sweatshirts and Hoodies: Students are permitted to wear AIHS and solid color sweatshirts and hoodies during the school day.  This includes Alexis I duPont team apparel, Alexis I duPont club wear and spirit wear.  If the sweatshirt or hoodie is removed, the required uniform shirt must be worn. For the safety and security of everyone, all hoods must remain down at all times while inside the building.


Zip Up  Hoodie- Solid Colors(Student should still have shirt underneath which complies with dress code(collar or AIHS T shirt)- Zip Up Hoodie can only be solid color, should not have any decals, pictures, logos, lettering on front or back.


Pants:   Solid colors only- (no denim, spandex, leggings, or athletic pants) can be worn by students.  Must be worn on the hips or at the waist as to prevent the “sag and drag” look.  They may be worn with or without a belt.


Shorts and Skirts: Solid colors only - (no denim, or spandex)  style skirt option , no more than 4 inches above the top of the knee and may be worn all year. Solid colored tights may be worn underneath the skirt


Jackets: Students are permitted to wear jackets in the classroom from November 1 - March 30.  This ONLY applies to  AIHS team apparel, AIHS club wear and spirit wear jackets.  If the jacket is removed, the required uniform shirt/sweater, sweatshirt/hoodie must be worn.


Footwear: Students may not wear sandals, flip flops or bedroom slippers.  Shoes may not have open toes or open backs.


*Each student will be provided a secure locker.  Non-uniform items must be removed before the student day begins.  This includes jackets and hoodies that do not comply with the uniform. 


Cell Phone Policy:

What was once a student friendly policy has become a major distraction to the learning environment here at AI.  As a result, we have decided to move towards a more restrictive policy with regards to the use of cell phones in the classroom.  Therefore, AIHS will no longer allow cell phones in classrooms. Students are permitted to use their cell phone while in the halls, including class changes and also during their assigned lunch period.  With that said, we expect acceptable use while in the building. 

  • Video recordings without previous consent are not permitted;
    • posting photos or videos of students without their consent will be considered bullying or harassment and will be dealt with in a severe manner
  • Going “live” or streaming is not permitted
  • While texting or snapping are permitted, phone calls are not.  This include FaceTime or similar services;
    • with permission, a student may use an office space to make a call if there is an emergency



It is the expectation that ALL students obtain a Chromebook to use during the academic year.  Students are expected to bring their school issued device with them each day, to all classes.  Their device should be fully charged and properly cared for.  Each year students and families will need to sign the necessary paperwork and pay the annual insurance fees ($20.00).  We will distribute Chromebooks during the first two week of school.  However, if you’d like to obtain your device sooner than later, please view the information below:

  • 8/22 – during the new student open house (12pm-5pm) students and families may obtain their Chromebooks from the library
  • 8/22 – ECA kick-off event 5pm - 7pm (For ECA Students only) in the Library
  • 8/26 – 2:15 – 6:00 in the library
  • 8/27 – 2:15 – 6:00 in the library
  • 8/28 – 2:15 – 6:00 in the library
  • 8/29 – 2:15 – 6:00 in the library

As previously mentioned, In order to obtain your device students MUST have the necessary paperwork completed and provide payment.  To accomplish this, families will have several options

To sign and print forms (follow this link):  Chromebook forms

To complete forms electronically (follow this link): online insurance form

*Please note – if you choose the Payment plan option, $10.00 is due when you retrieve the device and the balance of $10.00 is due by 10/1. 



8/12 -    Fall Sports begin - Must have DIAA physical forms completed prior to practicing. 

8/22 -    New Student Open House – 12:00 – 5:00

8/22 -    ECA Kick-off – 5:00 – 7:00 (Incoming ECA students only)

8/22 -    Chromebook distribution in the library 12:00 – 5:00

8/22 -    Band Boosters Monthly Meeting – 7:00 -8:30 in the library (new members always welcome!)

8/26 -    Freshman Orientation (normal school hours 7:10 – 2:15).  This day is for new freshman to AI.

8/26 -    Chromebook distribution in the library 2:15 – 6:00

8/27 -    All students report to school (normal school hours (7:10 – 2:15)

8/27 -    Chromebook distribution in the library 2:15 – 6:00

8/28 -    Chromebook distribution in the library 2:15 – 6:00

8/29 -    Chromebook distribution in the library 2:15 – 6:00

8/30 -    Schools Closed –Labor Day

9/2 -      Schools Closed – Labor Day

9/4 -      PTSA meeting – 6:00 – 7:00 in the library (Please join!  New members always welcome!)

9/19 -    Band Boosters Monthly Meeting – 7:00 – 8:30 in the library (new members always welcome!)

9/23 -    AIHS Back to School Night (Meet the Teacher) 6:00 – 8:00

9/30 -    Schools Closed – Rosh Hashanah


 Stay Connected to the Admin team on Twitter:

Mr. Palladinetti -  @AIHSPrincipal

Mr. Cresci -        @CresciMarty

Mrs. Kalesse -     @Cristinakalesse

Dr. Raymond -     @LeeIRaymond


For text alerts directly from Mr. Palladinetti:

1 - Enter this number - 81010

2 - text this message - @aihsinfo


Enjoy the remaining days of summer!   We will see you soon...


Kevin M. Palladinetti 


Alexis I. duPont High School