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Chromebook Distribution

Chromebook Distribution

Chromebooks will be distributed to all students at AI students during the first few weeks of school. Students and staff are utilizing these devices in and out of each classroom. To help aid in the distribution process, students need to have the completed Insurance Form and User Agreement Form as well as $20 insurance fee.

If you and your student would like to receive their Chromebooks early, please adhere to the schedule below.  Again, completed insurance paperwork and $20.00 will be due at the time of distribution. You may also pay on-line through PayPams.  If so, please print and send your verification page in with your insurance paperwork. 

Early-bird distributions:

8/22 - 8am  - 3pm in the library of AIHS

8/23 - 12pm - 5pm in the library of AIHS

*8/23 - 5pm - 6pm  9th grade ECA students only (in the library of AIHS) 

School Day Distributions

Will take place between 8/27 and 8/30.  Please send payment and insurance paperwork with your students.

Evening Distributions:

8/27 - 2:45 - 5pm  in the library of AIHS

8/28 - 2:45 - 5pm  in the library of AIHS

8/29 - 2:45 - 5pm  in the library of AIHS

8/30 - 2:45 - 5pm  in the library of AIHS