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    Considering good nutrition and learning go hand in hand, the goal of the Office of Nutrition Services is to provide high-quality nutrition programs as an integral part of the Red Clay educational experience. Each day, our program provides well-balanced meals and healthy food choices to enhance the learning process while delivering outstanding customer service to our customers, the students and staff.

    We offer breakfast and lunch service for students through the federally funded USDA National School Lunch Program and are working to expand our afterschool meals program to provide more students with a snack or dinner. Meals are also served to students enrolled in the summer school programs, as well as to members of the community (18 years and under) at no charge.

    Our department is also committed to meeting the meal service and catering needs of the district and staff. We have a full catering menu available and offer meal service options for staff members in all schools. Each meal is complete with a lean protein, whole grains, an abundance of fruits and veggies, low fat milk or other beverage choice. The Nutrition Services team is made up of food and nutrition professionals committed to providing superior customer service and nutritious meal options in a safe and healthy environment. Read more at

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  • Nutrition Services Office
    1798 Limestone Road
    Wilmington, Delaware 19804