Principals Message for the Webpage


    “Welcome to Heritage Elementary School!  Whether you are already a part of the Heritage School Community or if you are considering joining our Heritage Community, thank you for checking out our webpage.

    We have entered a wonderful time of the year when we are seeing all the hard-academic work come to fruition.  Our Kindergarten students are beginning to read, our First Graders are involved in rich discussions with their literature, our 2nd graders are working as engineers and designing bridges, our 3rd graders are mastering the multiplication facts, our 4th graders are conquering the beginning challenges of fractions, and our fifth graders and analyzing complex text and solving complex math equations.  The growth from the fall is tremendous!

    Spring is also that time of the year when we see growth in character and social skills.  New friendships have developed and students daily reflect our high standards of respect, kindness, and responsibility as they move throughout their day.

    I hope it is clear that I am a very proud principal of this wonderful school.  The teachers and staff work tirelessly to ensure the very best learning environment for each and every student.  The families in our Heritage Community become our partners in helping each student become the best they can be – everyday!  In short, we have a very happy and productive community!

    This spring also is a very special time for me personally.  It is my last stretch with this wonderful community before I retire.  To say this has been an emotional decision and time in my life would be an understatement.  I have felt truly blessed, every day, to have been a part of the Heritage Community for 6 + years now!

     So, if you are currently attending Heritage, thank you for trusting us with your child(ren) and please know the joy they have brought to all of us!  If you are considering Heritage for your entering Kindergarten student, or if you’re moving into the area, please know that you will soon feel that Heritage is your second home and that you have made a wonderful choice for your child’s K-5 education. 

    Have a wonderful spring everyone!  Enjoy the sun, the flowers, and all the good things this season brings!