• Occupational Therapists are:

    Harry Czarnick    - RPLC

    Linda Quattro     - RPLC

    Nancy Thomas    - RPLC

    Justine Bunville   - RPLC

    Melissa Frost       - Mote & Baltz 

    Charlene Simpson  - Warner

    A Note from the Occupational Therapy Department


    Be Ready For School


    How should my child’s backpack fit correctly?

    Straps should be on top of the shoulders, wider straps are better.  The load in the backpack should not exceed more than 15% of your child’s body weight.  Shoulders should appear “rounded”.  If they are arching their back, leaning forward or to one side this can cause back and balance problems.


    How should I set my child up for homework so he or she can be the most successful?

    A quiet place is important, though not always possible.  Try finding a table and chair where your child’s feet can be firmly on the floor.  Having a good seated position will help them write more legibly. 


    Have supplies handy that may be needed in a basket or box to help your child be efficient with his/her time.  Sharpened pencils, erasers, markers, crayons, scissors and a highlighter are all beneficial to have on hand. 


    Doing homework after some gross motor play time (not screen time) can be very beneficial for helping them pay better attention and sit throughout homework time.


    Let’s help our kids have a successful year!