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    The Meadowood Pre-School

    Welcome to the Meadowood Preschool!  Meadowood Preschool is part of the Meadowood Program, which serves students ages 3-21 with moderate to severe disabilities.   

    The classrooms in our preschool are arranged by age.  We blend the functional and developmental curriculum to serve the individual needs of our youngest students.  All children have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) with learning goals and objectives based on needs identified through formal testing.  It is also important for the children to have the opportunity to learn along side children without disabilities.  Our preschool children attend full inclusion classes at theMeadowood School along with typical peers from the Western YMCA.  

    Where is the Meadowood Preschool located?  

    Meadowood Preschool is located off the Kirkwood Highway in Newark, Delaware.  

    Pre-K is a full inclusion classroom. The main focus of our program is to provide students with the foundation for a lifetime of learning.  We work on social skills, listening and following directions, and academics, such as name recognition, prewriting, counting, as well as letter, shape, and number recognition and creativity through art. We do activities that enhance memory and thinking skills as well as the specific goals required by our Meadowood students’ IEPs. We work to accomplish these goals in an inclusive setting. The children participate in gym, swimming and special activities such as a sing-a-long on a weekly basis. Our goal in pre-k is to instill in our students the social skills, self help skills and love of learning necessary to be successful.

    Forest Oak Elementary School

    Students in the Meadowood Program attend Forest Oak Elementary School for their elementary years.  The elementary program strives to enhance the beginning acquisition skills that were developed in preschool into a set of well-learned abilities for students to take into middle school.

    Students learn in the areas of personal, social and academics through lessons adapted to their individual learning level.  The education of students in the elementary program occurs primarily in the regular education classroom with same-age peers.

    HB duPont Middle School

    The middle school program for Meadowood students is located at H. B. duPont Middle School.  During the middle school years, students begin to utilize their skill set across a greater variety of settings.  While maintaining their involvement with the inclusive classrooms, students begin to experience vocational exploration and community-based instruction.

    Areas of focus during the middle school years include the development of money skills, personal planning, social interactions, and experiencing a vocational setting.

    Middle school helps to prepare students for their high school years and the greater emphasis on community-based instruction and vocational exploration.

    Thomas McKean High School 

    Thomas McKean High School hosts Meadowood Program students for their high school years.  Starting in the fall of 2012, ninth grade students participating in the Meadowood Program began attending McKean High School.  Meadowood students will attend Mckean following their graduation from HB duPont Middle School.  High school is a period of time in which students broaden their skill sets across multiple settings.  A significant reason for the transition to McKean High School centered upon the enhancements that the school is currently making to their Career and Technical Education (CTE) program.  During the school year, the CTE program will include classes focused upon Agricultural Science, Family and Consumer Science, Childcare, and Radio and Television Broadcasting.  Along with specific curricula explore in each classroom, these classes also give increased opportunity for Meadowood students to enhance their functional independent living skills, as well as have increased involvement in vocational experiences that help create a better pathway to future paid employment.  The vocational rotations, community instruction, and inclusive classes provide an opportunity for students to refine skills necessary for them to experience success after completion of the high school program.

    Meadowood Transition Program (MTP)

    The Meadowood Transition Program (MTP) is a functional life skills program for students, aged 18-21, with moderate to severe disabilities, based at the Meadowood campus in the Red Clay Consolidated School District.

    The purpose of the Meadowood Transition Program is to assist students in gaining skills and experiences that will benefit them as adults.  It is also an aim of the program to connect the students and their families with post-21 employment and agencies that will assist them after they leave the program.  Programming is based upon individual needs and preferences in domestic, communication, personal management, and vocational areas.

    Red Clay Consolidated School District provides staff and all student educational services.

    The program staff members work with adult service agencies, including the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation , the Division of Developmental DisabilitiesServices and other state agencies to improve transitions between the school and community services.

    Further collaborations have occurred through the Advisory Committee, whose members represent businesses, parents, students, community programs and state agencies involved in the transition process.

    The students start their day at the MTP site on the Meadowood School campus. They then travel to various community destinations during the day with paraeducators, who have been grouped into teams to work with specific students. Based on individual needs and preferences, multiple goals in vocational, social, domestic, communication, personal management, and functional academic domains are addressed.