Skyline Support Association

  • The Skyline Support Association is Skyline’s parent/teacher support organization. We are an award-winning association dedicated to supporting the administration, the faculty, the families and ultimately, the students here at Skyline Middle School.

    Other Information:
    Meetings – Administrative staff present at every meeting to answer your questions, guest speakers invited to cover important school and district initiatives. Join us at our next meeting! Dates below.
    Volunteer Opportunities – as little or as much as you can or want – there are many opportunities – everything from baking cookies to chaperoning dances – your student loves to see you just as much as we do!
    Bulletins and Newsletters –we publish every other month either a newsletter posted on the school website or a one page bulletin (comes home with your student) with articles and reminders from the administration, staff and students – watch for these important documents!

    Thank you for your support!
    Questions - please email us at .


    The meeting dates for the rest of the year are:

    Thurs. 9/13

    Thurs. 11/8

    Thurs. 1/10

    Thurs. 3/14

    Thurs. 5/9

    Thurs. 6/6

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