Our School Leaders: Dr. Karin Jakubowski & Mrs. Joy Campbell




    Dr. Jakubowski currently serves as Principal of North Star Elementary School in the Red Clay Consolidated School District in Delaware which was rated in the top 50 schools in the nation. Her experience spans teaching in private and charter elementary schools in Pennsylvania, and serving in Delaware's public schools as a Child Study Team Coordinator, Assistant Principal and currently Principal. Dr. Jakubowski has visited schools in China and India where she spoke to parents, students and educators regarding research-based instructional practices, mindfulness and collaborative problem-solving strategies. Dr. Jakubowski’s student-centered approach makes connecting with the most challenging students turn into success stories. One of these approaches is reflected in her Mindfulness practice. 



    Mrs. Campbell currently serves as the Assistant Principal at North Star. She has over twenty years of experience in public education in Delaware. To begin her career, she taught high school German for eleven years, instilling in her students a love for language and cultural diversity. With over a decade of experience in school administration at the secondary level, Mrs. Campbell has honed her leadership skills and gained a deep understanding of the educational landscape. Her tenure in administration has been marked by a commitment to creating supportive and collaborative environments where both students and educators can thrive. She values the importance of addressing the needs of the whole child, recognizing that emotional well-being and character development are integral to a child's growth.